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GOLFERSSKIN – trusted by 9 out of 12 top ranked players worldwide.
GOLFERSSKIN – trusted by 9 out of 12 top ranked players worldwide.
GOLFERSSKIN – most trusted sunscreen on the US PGA Tour
GOLFERSSKIN – voted in the top 5 products at the PGA Merchandising Expo 2014
Golfersskin 1 litre SPF 30+ Sunscreen
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Golfersskin Hands Free 40g SPF30+ Sunscreen Stick
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Golfersskin 40ml SPF 30+ Sunscreen
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Golfersskin SPF 30+ Lip Balm Sunscreen
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Golfersskin is the ultra-performance sunscreen line specifically developed for golfers.

With over 265+ PGA Tour Players trusting Golfersskin for performance and protection, see why we’re the #1 used sunscreen in golf.

All Golfersskin products are tested to the Australia/New Zealand standard, International protocol standard (European Colipa Standard) and the FDA protocol standard and are registered with US FDA and the EU community.



"We embraced Golfersskin Sunscreen as a new product in 2012. Our staff and customers alike have responded very positively to a sunscreen tailored to their needs as golfers. The company has a strong brand, an excellent product and fantastic sell-through – it is our best seller in the golf shop, and the education that they’ve done with the staff and our customers has been very effective.

Ken Morton Jr

Director of Retailing and Marketing at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, Sacramento, California